12 underfunded schools. 12 months. Starting January 2019.

The Problem

california education has a long way to go…

We as a community need to pool our efforts to fix the problem of California education.

… and Funding is lacking

A high student-teacher ratio in California means less resources and hands-on experiments for students.

Our Promise

In 2019, Project SCIFI will donate hands-on science resources to one school per month. These resources include basic PPE, such as lab coats (embroidered with our logo and the logos of our sponsors) and lab safety goggles. We also will provide need-based supplies on a need-basis.

Our Approach:


Why lab coats?

Studies show that wearing a lab coat improves a student’s self-image, performance, and engagement in science.


In 2019, Project SCIFI will support 12 underfunded schools in 12 months:


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