Our Mission

The Scientific Coat Initiative for Future Innovators promotes students’ scientific passions for higher education, provides teachers the resources necessary for hands-on scientific instruction, encourages the growth of mentor-mentee relationships, and fosters a visible community supporting young scientists’ endeavors.

We achieve these goals by partnering with corporate and academic sponsors who endorse the purchase of laboratory coats emblazoned with the sponsors’ logos. We then distribute these coats to qualifying under-resourced schools, along with other materials intended to aid educators in taking on a hands-on approach to scientific instruction.

Our motivation as a non-profit organization stems from our early exposure to science, which ultimately inspired us to pursue scientific educations and careers. Thus, our goal is to empower and inspire future generations of scientists by providing K–12 students the necessary tools to develop fundamental scientific reasoning, address societal problems, and move onto further scientific instruction.

Our Model

Project SCIFI works with schools and sponsors to promote hands-on learning in STEM classrooms across the United States. Sponsors such as academic institutions, companies, and other organizations donate lab gear or funds that are sent to schools in the form of usable and wearable STEM classroom gear.

Project SCIFI also receives funding from grants and crowdsourcing, which is transformed into lab or traditional classroom materials on a need-basis.