Second Set of Coats Delivered!

Pictured: Stephen Harwood, Project SCIFI President (right) and Mr. Cunningham, science teacher at Trinity High School (left). 

The following is a blurb regarding Project SCIFI’s second delivery of lab coats to Trinity High School written by the President of Project SCIFI, Stephen Harwood. Be sure to check us out on social media and stay up to date with our blogs. Enjoy the article!

“We are excited to share that our second delivery of laboratory coats was received by Trinity High School in Weaverville, Ca. They received enough coats and goggles to outfit their science classroom and were incredibly appreciative of the support of their science program. The coats will be used for instruction of the biological and chemical sciences, courses which will be taught by Mr. Cunningham of THS. He has been the school’s science teacher for many years. In expressing his excitement for the coats, he informed us that the week that students return to school, he will use the coats in AP Biology and chemistry experiments!

We hope the excitement and appreciation that Mr. Cunningham showed towards the laboratory coats will impact the students at THS and excite and inspire them to pursue their own scientific passions. The ability to impact one of the only two high schools in the remote Trinity County inspires us to continue with our mission to provide as many young innovators as possible with inspiration to find their passions. Moving into 2018 with successes like these, we are optimistic and excited to see what we can achieve in this new year. We will be seeking official recognition as a non-profit organization and  will be working to partner with some of the biggest research facilities in California to build up a community of scientists supporting future scientists.

Michael LeoneComment